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Chuck Gniech, Exhibition Curator
Meditative Surfaces

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Charles Gniech has been teaching at various colleges and universities for more then twenty-five years. He earned the rank and title of Professor in 2005 at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. There, he also served a twelve-year term as Curator of Gallery 180 and the Collections Curator for the Institute’s Corporate Fine Art Collection. In 2013, acting as a Curator at Large, Gniech launched two traveling group exhibitions—one that addresses human rights issues and the other exploring visual harmony in contemporary art. The first exhibition, titled Breaking Criminal Traditions, utilizes nonthreatening art objects that allude to human rights issues—encouraging the viewer to consider alternative perspectives and begin a dialogue in an attempt to promote social change. The second, Meditative Surfaces, explores the beauty of chaos used in nonobjective imagery within contemporary fine art. Gniech has participated in multiple panel discussions on these topics and has lectured—at length—on his curatorial process. Gniech has worked with several organizations using fine art to bring attention to those in need. He has produced numerous exhibitions as well as acted as Honorary Chair [2011] and Event Chair [2012] for Art Against AIDS and the Art of Human Rights Benefits, supporting Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights. Other affiliations include: Chicago House, The Point Foundation, and Worldview Education and Care. Charles Gniech holds a Master of Fine Art degree with an emphasis in painting and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in illustration, both from Northern Illinois University. While teaching, curating, and consulting, Gniech continues to paint and exhibits at the national level. His paintings focus on the meditative qualities of the stone circles found throughout Great Britain. Having explored many megalithic sites over the past twenty years, Gniech embraces the peaceful serenity of the mystical structures—a serenity that is reflected in his work. Images of his paintings may be seen on the web site: gniech.com The paintings of Charles Gniech have been included into numerous gallery and museum exhibitions. His work has been exhibited repeatedly at both The Rockford Art Museum and The Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Gniech’s paintings have been acquired for multiple public and private collections, with a large canvas recently purchased for the Permanent Collection of The Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Gniech continues to blog about artists, galleries and his fine art experiences at: chicagofineart.blogspot.com