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Meditative Surfaces: Rebecca Moy

My abstract paintings draw the viewer into a heightened vision of color and form, referencing landscape and architecture with pools of saturated colors which are emotional, lush, sensual and intense; going beyond the traditional ideas of abstract art. Honing in on complex layers of color, I create lines and forms depicting the intricate labyrinths and relationships between memory, time, feeling and experience. What determines a memory for you? What exactly is it that recalls a specific moment in your life? Is it just our eyes we depend on to depict innumerable and meticulous details that make up the memories of our existence? Perhaps there are no definitive answers. Perhaps this piece reflects the known with the uncertain; combining the familiarity of landscape, architecture, nature and the digital age we inhabit with something intangible that lives and breathes within us. Ive always been fascinated with the reaction of one's body and mind to the visceral relationship between colors and shapes; all strangely familiar yet uncertain. Our collective apprehension and consequent visual interpretation of reality surrounds us. Seduces us. Before I sleep, while dreaming, and just before as I wake this painting becomes the physical embodiment of this investigation as it takes place within me. I am more so intrigued by the thoughts and feelings evoked by precise orchestrations of color and shape. Layer by layer, these shapes and forms permit us a place to remember, or perhaps a place to forget.To wonder and wander through the times and places weve all journeyed; perhaps these are the moments and memories which define us.