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Meditative Surfaces: Maggie Meiners

Nature has immense transformative power. It rearranges its elements, changes its form, acting upon those who occupy and observe it. The sun climbs, a burst of light igniting the world, shadows stretching throughout the day before a pastel sinking. Waves build one after one after one. Water walls swept upwards and over, a toppling crash into sizzling sweeps of foam before a pulling back out to the vast forever of sea. Boughs sway, a sentinel to wind gusts that shake the shivering, shimmering leaves. It is difficult to convey one’s experience of nature. It is personal and profound, the very thing I seek to convey through photography. The images are my attempt to capture ever-shifting nature, and the experience of self within it. Each circle represents and celebrates a fundamental natural element; wind, fire, energy, water and sky. By tapping into these five elements, I can ground myself. I am centered. Like the sun, like water, like air, I move and shift and whisper. I live.
Also included in this exhibition are pieces from my "Childhood Contemplations" series. The mere size of these forty-inch square digital c-prints, allows the viewer to become engulfed by the imagery and to explore their inner mind. The various color patterns are meant to trigger memories on which to contemplate. Although the use of blurred imagery seems to defy logic, this intentional shift in focus is meant to transfix and then transport the viewer to a mind space where memories run wild. Various spectrums of color are used as a guide to revisit and explore memories of the past.